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We Are At
Our Core,
Your Family's

We know how busy and demanding your life is as a business owner, entrepreneur or senior executive and we understand the new worries that face retirees. We can relate to the challenges of balancing it all. We greatly respect the trust it takes for you to pass on the day-to-day management of your family's financial needs. What better way to simplify your complicated life than to partner with a fiduciary-only firm without incentive to steer you into self-serving investments.

We refuse profit sharing arrangements which stand in direct conflict with a family's best interest. We are at our core, and in everything we do, your family's fiduciary—meaning we put your personal and financial interests first ... ahead of our own.

TMG Family Office is aligned with your interests and delivers objective, independent advice with complete cost transparency. We integrate expertise from all aspects of managing the complexity of wealth, with an emphasis on listening closely, protecting your privacy and building a high-trust relationship. We're a forward-thinking firm and we know your family is too. Our multi-generational model provides the support needed to preserve values and build a long-lasting legacy. This includes helping educate and equip the future generations.

We simplify your life so you can focus on what's important—growing your business, achieving your goals, creating memories with your family and protecting your wealth for generations to come.

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